Understanding the Differences Between Neopixel and Baselit Lightsabers

For all different types of fans, we enjoy making interesting and sturdy sabers. We work to improve the saber experience for everyone, from the dedicated duelist seeking to impress their team to the cosplayer hoping to complete their Mandalorian appearance.

Despite all of our features and our years of providing high-quality saber options to the galactic fans, we still want to make sure that everyone is aware of the distinction between Neopixel and RGB Baselit cores. So that you can obtain the exact saber you intended to proudly show with your next purchase from laserpointerworld, we’ve put up a simple buying guide for you to enjoy.

Covering the Foundations
Let’s start by going through the fundamentals. Not everyone will be familiar with the appearance and functionality of a modern saber. The two main types of illumination you get with sabers, assuming all else is equal, are either baselit with typical RGB (red, green, and blue) colors emanating from the handle/hilt. With Neopixel technology, the blade itself has a line of LED lights running through it, enabling a much wider range of colors, features, and effects.

Baselit sabers are still prized despite this. Duelists can benefit from them just as much as budget shoppers can, despite the fact that they are typically a little more affordable. Anyone seeking to use one of our unique sabers at maximum strength must consider durability as a key consideration. Even though all of our sabers are made of superior T6 aviation aluminum and polycarbonate, there are specific situations when you might want to choose a blade without illumination if you’re going up against another duelist.

Neopixel is far more enjoyable for collectors, cosplayers, performances, and ardent fans. Inside the blade of these are attached securely hundreds of tiny LED lights. By doing so, unparalleled brightness and diverse lighting effects are produced, some of which may even be depending on your movements. Neopixel sabers are still usable in combat, but use gentler methods as opposed to forceful ones.

Finally, the Features
Both our baselit and Neopixel sabers come with a ton of amazing features and improvements. At laserpointerworld, our artisan crafters make an effort to theme and design each item in line with the general character, instance, or notion for which it is named.

The ignition sequence is a crucial aspect to discuss because it is what many fans fantasize about. Imagine wearing a full Luke or Obi-Wan costume and entering the smokey environment while brandishing a slowly reviving lightsaber. It’s full-on intimidation mode here!

Neopixel lighting provides illumination from the blade’s base to its tip. The different sabers will now ignite in a far wider range of ways as a result. We also include pulsating effects because baselit settings just cannot support them.

Our selection of Neopixel models at SabersPro includes the SN Pixel V4, Proffie 2.2, and Xenopixel V2. Compared to the previous model, each has more feature possibilities, with the Proffie 2.2 and Xenopixel V2 having customizations. You can do this to make custom soundfonts and designs that suit your needs.

Even though all of our blades come with rechargeable batteries in the hilt, the priciest Proffie 2.2 and Xenopixel V2 models have slightly longer battery lives. You won’t need to look for a nearby outlet so you may spend the entire evening participating in cosplay or dueling.

Let’s go exploring!
Since you now understand the distinctions between baselit and Neopixel sabers, it should be simple for you to browse our online store at laserpointerworld and choose the model that will serve you the best.

If you’re still a little perplexed, don’t worry. Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable customer care staff with any inquiries you may have. We at laserpointerworld want to make sure you receive a saber of the highest caliber along with individualized customer service, making us one of the top suppliers of both conventional and cutting-edge sabers.

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