Best Remote Control Vibrators to Use Near or Far

Although having sex is likely the oldest human activity, we are constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to have sex and enhance our sex lives.

Since the invention of the telephone, long-distance lovers have been able to communicate illicitly and masturbate while discussing their sexual dreams. Sexting emerged as a new phenomenon with the advent of mobile phones. Pictures and movies were substituted for sexually explicit text messages as technology advanced.

We’ve only recently been able to engage in real-time virtual sex with one another. With game-changing remote-control sex devices that allow us to influence our partner’s sexual enjoyment from a distance, the sex toy business has now advanced remote sex.

We’ve uncovered the greatest sex toys with remote control capability whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or want to engage in some sexy partner control activity. Look at these amazing vibrators that are on sale.

We looked into and tried a ton of remote-controlled vibrators and other sex toys before settling on our top 20, which will work with any budget or sexual style. But first, let’s talk about the two different kinds of adult toys that are currently accessible.

Remote control vibrators come in two different types.

The first type functions quite similarly to the remote-control toys you may have used as a child (but these are only for adults!). You must be within range for the wireless remote control to function because they only operate within a specified radius.

When both participants are close by, these remote-control vibrators are ideal for couple play. Therefore, hands-free vibrators are the sex item to investigate if you want to spice up your sexual life with some covert public play while at the park or eating in a restaurant.

Of course, solo play is another application for remote-controlled vibrators. You get to decide on the length and intensity of your hands-free orgasms.

Long-distance relationships are ideal for the other type of remote vibrators. These allow you to control the wireless vibrator from any location with an internet connection using a smartphone app. The Satisfyer App is a prime illustration. The Satisfyer Love Triangle Clit Sucker Toy may be connected to the app and managed through your phone!

Now you may enjoy your spouse from a distance by upping your long-distance sex game. There are even sex gadgets that sync so you may play with each other simultaneously!

The Top 20 Wireless Vibrators
So that you wouldn’t have to, we investigated and evaluated dozens of these remote-control sex toys! Hey, don’t be too harsh on us; while we had a great time with many of them, others of them were just plain awful. Here, we’ve only included the best of the best.

Here are the top 20 remote-control sex gadgets that will always make you and your partner feel connected.

King Cock Elite Remote Control Dildo is exceptionally lifelike in appearance and seeks to fulfill that crucial component of a sexual desire. The tapered shaft has a modest diameter for easy insertion and progressively widens as you move deeper, increasing the amount of pleasure you experience.

The surface of the entire shaft has a dual density layered construction to precisely mimic the density of a real erection while still feeling as natural as skin. The first waterproof remote-controlled sex toy is this one!

8 inches in length overall.
7 inches, Insertable Length
1 1/4 across the top, 1 1/2 inches near the base in terms of diameter.
Rubber-like silicone
3 speeds and 7 vibrating functions on the motor
Options for colors include vanilla (white) and chocolate (dark).
Click here to get the King Cock Elite Remote Control Dildo.

The best thrusting dildo we’ve likely seen so far, Remote Control Thrusting Dildo is one for your trophy cabinet. Extreme interior stimulation is provided by the powerful thrusting piston, which extends and retracts with just the right amount of force. It moves sensuously and rhythmically up and down, massaging the vagina as it does so.

You may simply change speeds and functionalities with separate remote control operation without bending over to look for a button on the base. The area directly below the penis head contains a vibrating motor. The engine can be utilized without using the thrusting feature and is incredibly silent.

7 inches in total length
6-inch insertable length
Ranges from 1 1/4 to 1 3/8 inches in diameter.
Rubber-like silicone
Batteries: The remote control needs one CR2032 cell battery (supplied & installed), while the rechargeable Dildo takes a USB cable to charge.
Motor: 10 vibrating patterns, 5 thrusting speeds
The Remote Control Thrusting Dildo is available here.

What do you get when you cross a vibrating bullet with a remote vibrator? Double the fun

The Buzz Vibrating Bullet is a little vibrator with plenty of power. It’s sure to satisfy with three distinct power levels and seven different patterns. The silky smooth, body-safe silicone is non-porous and simple to clean, and the wireless remote makes controlling the device simple.

You can use it repeatedly thanks to the USB-rechargeable battery. Like all USB vibrators, this one comes with a battery so you can start using it right away.

This tiny vibe is only 3 inches long, making it small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Because it is waterproof, you may use it in the shower or bathtub without fear, and you can choose the ideal color combination from black, blue, pink, or purple.

This vibe’s whisper-quiet operation is its best feature; you can be sure that no one will hear this little toy.

The Ultra Powerful Vibrating Bullet is sure to buzz your lover in just the right way whether you use it for outdoor play or indoor antics.

We believe the Buzz is the best option if you want a small, elegant remote-control bullet vibrator.

3 inches in length overall.
3/4 inch in diameter
Plastic with a rubber coating
Batteries: The vibrator charges using a USB wire that is included, and the remote requires one CR2032 cell battery that is inserted.
Black, Blue, Pink, and Purple are the available hues.
Obtain the Bang! Here is a remote control bullet vibrator.

a panty leaf vibrator that can be controlled remotely
The remote control panty leaf vibrator is a fantastic invention that may make your sexual life much more exciting. This panty vibrator’s distinctive design is intended to be worn inside your underwear for targeted clitoral stimulation.

With three speeds and seven vibration patterns, this remote control vibe is adaptable enough for a brisk solo ride or a leisurely lengthy trip with a companion. They may also manage your pleasure from a distance of up to 50 feet.

With a full charge, the Remote Control Panty Leaf Vibrator will provide you with around an hour of intense excitement. It can be recharged with a USB charging cord. You may have fun with it in the shower because it is waterproof to IPX 5 and manufactured from body-safe materials.

In comparison to other remote-control vibrators we’ve examined, this toy is very quiet. On the other hand, if you’re heading to the library, you really shouldn’t wear it!

So go ahead and don your favorite pair of shorts and start having fun.

4 inches in length overall.
Length of Insertable: 3 1/2 inches
Ranges in diameter from 1 to 1 1/4 inches.
Rubber-like silicone
No batteries are required; a USB cable is available for charging.
3 speeds and 7 vibrating patterns on the motor
Purple (Plum), teal are available as options.
The Panty Leaf Vibrator is available for purchase here.

Providing hands-free pleasure, the Lovers Remote Control Couples Sex Toy is a sumptuous vibrator. It can be used anywhere, at any time, and has a 50-foot range.

There are many alternatives for creating your own level of pleasure thanks to the three speeds and seven vibration settings. The experience is made more enjoyable by the backlit LED lights on the buttons, which flicker in time with the rhythm of the vibration.

The vibe is offered in two colors: pink and purple, and the retrieval string guarantees simple removal. Even though it only measures 2 3/4 inches, one user said the powerful vibrations this little wireless remote control vibe produced were “absolutely trippy.” Check out this plant if you’re looking for a unique natural high.

Click Here to Purchase the Lovers Remote Control Couples Sex Toy.

Anyone who wishes to enjoy the tremendous sensation of vaginal stimulation should consider using the remote control vibrating egg. This egg may be completely placed into the vagina, and the intense vibrations it produces will make your entire body tremble with pleasure.

The clitoris, the G-spot, and other erogenous zones can be stimulated by the remote control love egg. It has a range of up to 25 feet and can be used alone or with a companion. Beginners should use the single speed because it includes a cable for simple retrieval.

However, since it is pretty loud and you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself, you need to use caution when using it outside.

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